Why We Do What We Do

At CF110, we support every member in leading active, fit lives so that they may build friendships and families that they love! 


Today, more than ever, people want (and need) to know what the organizations they frequent stand for. Who are they and what are they delivering? 

The fact is, we all have options. I believe that our members need to be getting an amazing, top-tier service for their patronage, but that they should feel good about who and what they are investing in, as well.  

So, first and foremost, when you are a member at CF110, YOU ARE INVESTING IN YOU! 

There are a couple different scenarios here. 

First, let’s look at the 1-2 punch of Covid and the New England winters. For many, covid was not their most fit time. They drank more, ate more and floundered at fitness. Now, we are into the dark, cold and dreary New England winter. Layers of clothing can sometimes turn into the dreaded layers of…well, let’s call it the opposite of muscle. 

This is the time when you need to think about your future self. Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? And what are you willing to do to assure that?

You are worth the investment!

The second scenario involves your health; your true internal health, not the esthetics of your “container.”

Are you happy, connected and thriving in your world? Are you proud of yourself and your effort everyday? Are you of service? Most importantly, are you truly healthy? 

By investing in your health today, you are banking against being unhappy and sick later on down the road. You are absolutely worth that investment!


It is not a shocker that the onset of Covid brought the fitness industry to a crossroads. Many are deciding that they can outfit their own space and do fitness entirely on their own.

I do believe every one of you is capable of that, BUT, that is NOT what you are paying for as a member of CF110. 

We are NOT about equipment, barbells or even a rig. We are about accountability, support and care. We are about FAMILY.

We live in what has been termed the cancel culture. In that culture, everything and everyone is disposable and dispensable. 

I’ve thought long and hard about why someone would stay at CF110 rather than doing something on their own or at a cheaper place…and it comes down to SOUL, not body.

I want to clarify exactly what CF110 is all about: from our classes, to our coaches, to our on-line community and our events. 

CF110: Who are we, and why are we here? 

  1. FUN: At CF110, we laugh often and sincerely. We find joy in what we are doing and who we are doing it with. We truly believe that fitness should be fun, and we try like hell to make sure you see it that way as well. 
  2. KIND: The people at CF110 are some of the kindest, most generous and giving humans you will find anywhere. We empathize with each other, we truly care about this family. We all crave to have a place where we belong; CF110 wants to be that place for you!
  3. FAMILY-FOCUSED: For me, this was essential. When I think of the members of CF110, I think of the family I choose. To me, family means someone has your back. It means you are never in the world alone. For many, we don’t have that in our birth family, so we need to create it in the world. For others, they absolutely do have it in their birth family and that experience inspires them to create it everywhere else they go. We are stronger because of each other and we do not quit on each other.

Simple, but powerful, these beliefs will guide CF110 into the future.

Do they align with who you are? Do we value similar things? You are here, so I believe we must.

At CF110, we honor every one of our members through these three simple beliefs.



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