The 30Day Nutrition Challenge Timeline – What to expect!

Our Whole30 Officially Starts on Friday January 20th!! Take a moment to get acquainted with what to expect physically and mentally all along the way.  Often early “detox” symptoms can be alarming or frustrating and sometimes strange and mysterious.   Headaches, and extreme fatigue are very common for most of us in the first 7-10 days.  Less common but normal might be itchy skin, dry mouth, constipation or loose stools, trouble sleeping, or bad breath.   We are big fans of the Whole30 website and blog to find answers to any question you may have along the way.

1474655606355One of my favorite articles from The Whole30 Blog is the Whole30 Timeline 2.0  which lists a day by day account of what to expect while on your Whole30.  Many of the symptoms highlighted are not always expected and can be frustrating to many of you not prepared for what is to come.

Everyone starts a challenge full of energy and excitement, however it is much harder to feel enthusiastic when you have a pounding headache, or feel like you only want to crawl back into bed right after you wake up.  Getting a chance to read through many of these common symptoms, and when they are likely to occur can help you prepare and offer comfort along your own journey.

As a Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer I have had MANY clients and members express exasperation and frustration when results don’t seem to come soon enough or when they suffer from aggravating side effects.  Helping each member understand that these symptoms are expected and NORMAL and that they are only temporary is comforting to say the least.  More importantly,  the amazing results they are striving for are often right around the corner from the most challenging phases!

I urge those of you taking on a Whole30 Challenge to take a moment to read the timeline understand what to expect and reach out to me or the community for help when you need it!  Good Luck!

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