Coach Matt Wetherell:
My athletic career started at age 7 playing football. I continued to play football, and also picked up basketball and ran track into high school.
My introduction to Crossfit was through a high school football coach who would take us through WODs in the off season. I was hooked immediately.
During my high school and early college athletics I suffered a fair few amount of injuries from poor movement and ego lifting.
I started, and continue to research proper movement and injury prevention methods through mobility, stability, and strength movements. CrossFit’s methodology of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high (relative) intensity coupled with proper programming and coaching is unsurpassed in its ability to keep people healthy and happy.
I knew I wanted to help other athletes stay healthy and move well. I started coaching Crossfit in July 2017 after receiving the Level 1 certification. I am constantly searching for better ways to increase fitness and stay healthy over the long term and I’d love to share them with our members!
CPR & AED certified