Sport Performance Clinics

CrossFit110’s Sport Performance clinics offer a systematic approach that is designed for high school and middle school age athletes. There is an overall emphasis on individualizing each athlete through proper program design, nutritional guidelines, and experienced coaching. The preparation process will not only have a positive transfer to the field, court and/or ice but will promote a commitment to long term health. With the no non-sense attitude of dedication and motivation each and every athlete will reach their up most potential while training at The University of Strength.

About the Program


Coach Jamie Smith C.S.C.S owner of The University of Strength and CrossFit110’s Sport Performance Coach seeks to provide each of our athlete members a custom program that is based on the individual’s sport, position, and training level. The program is built upon principles that will address an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses which include strength, speed mechanics, injury prevention, and nutritional planning.

Our programs provide both general and specific assessments of need based on individualized programing. While maintaining strict specificity per sport and athlete our experienced coaches foster a constructive and positive atmosphere with a family-like culture. Nutritional guidance is provided to participants, creating a comprehensive program for serious athletes.

  • Maximal Strength
  • Power Development
  • Speed Mechanics
  • Energy System Development
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Education


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