Running a Nutrition Challenge at your gym – Is it worth it?


Running a Nutrition Challenge at your gym – Is it worth it?

As an affiliate owner, I am always looking for ways to provide better service and value to our members, grow our business and increase revenue.  There are lots of ways to go about attacking these goals, yet I always find it interesting that Nutrition Counseling is often overlooked.  Many affiliates focus efforts on running competitions or expensive marketing campaigns that don’t always bring the results for the efforts.  Implementing an effective Nutrition Challenge can be a fantastic way to increase member satisfaction and retention, build your client base, cultivate your community and add to your bottom line.



Nutrition Challenges have the chance to bring ASTOUNDING results to your members in record time.  Even doing CrossFit twice a day won’t bring the kind of results that a Nutrition Challenge can achieve in 30 days.  Getting a new member to partake in a well-run challenge is one of the best ways to secure that member for the long term.  In addition to building customer retention results that can be achieved in a challenge will turn each of your participants into the best local advertising campaign you can have.


These are the people who started at your gym and are now walking into a party 30-60 days later turning every head in the room.  Everyone is telling them how great they look and asking them how they achieved such great results.  And guess what?  They are going to tell everyone at the party how great the challenge was and how amazing they feel as a result of membership your CrossFit affiliate.  There is NO better campaign in the world than an enthusiastic customer!



CrossFit110 runs Nutrition Challenges every quarter, and most of the individuals that participate are new members.  Participating in the challenge in a small group setting helps to ease the anxiety of starting CrossFit (more for some than others) and helps them get to know the staff and other members in a supportive environment.  As an incentive, we offer the chance to let our nutrition challenge alumni  join in a subsequent challenge  at a greatly discounted rate.  This allows our members who are already familiar with the process to take advantage of the collective energy, accountability and support that a group challenge brings without the additional expense.  These veteran challengers will serve as a resource point for the new members and ambassadors and advocates of the program which only makes your job easier.  For the new member this dynamic cultivates a sense of belonging that leads to sustained membership.



I studied Nutrition in college and love reading clinical manuals and journals on the subject… but I know that most people don’t.  When it comes to challenges I always say “don’t feel you need to reinvent the wheel.”  KEEP IT SIMPLE!  There are many fantastic resources out there that you can utilize for your education and that of your members.  Much of the work has already been done for you so take advantage of it.  Many websites have beautifully produced downloadable files, getting started guides, blogs and newsletters for FREE. This will allow YOU to focus your energy on implementing the concepts in a fun and unique way for your members.   For example: host a Paleo Pot Luck Kick-Off at your gym; set up a member recipe swap page; schedule a fun outdoor hike or adventure together; book a cooking class or lead a grocery store walk-through for participants.  These are all things that provide unique value to your challengers and are fun ways of unifying your group and keeping everyone feeling energized and accountable to one another.



One person can run a challenge for a very large group with minimal overhead.  Running a Nutrition Challenge every quarter can easily add $3000 – $6000 to your revenues annually.  This is over and above the value in customer satisfaction and referral bonuses that often comes from your challengers.


The take away here is that running a Nutrition Challenge can be an easy and effective way to add value to you and your membership.

Susanne Duato

Owner Coach/CrossFit110



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