CrossFit110 is reaching out to our members to raise awareness of a crisis sweeping our country causing a large number of deaths due to prescription drug and heroin abuse.  Today in all our classes Jim Geraghty will discuss our goals to raise awareness on this very important issue.

The month of September will be our OPIOID EPIDEMIC AWARENESS MONTH.  CrossFit110 in collaboration with the Boston Medical Center and its Catalyst Clinic have a goal to raise awareness for the dangers of addiction and raise funds to support those suffering from it.  Each year more than 46,000 people die from a drug overdose. That’s more people than die from car accidents or from gun violence, and half of those 46,000 deaths are related to opioid abuse.  Many of us have been personally and profoundly effected by this epidemic and we hope you will join us in our fight to stop it.

We are trying to encourage members to donate on our Crowdrise page to help us hit our gym wide goal of $2500.  CrossFit110 will match dollar for dollar up to $2500 bringing our total fundraising contribution to the catalyst clinic to $5000.  To raise awareness please look for our social media posts and share on your personal pages.  The month long initiative will culminate with a gym wide ROW-A-THON held as our Workout of the DAY for Monday, OCTOBER 3rd.  Teams of 2-4 will have 1 rower and asked to accumulate max meters as a team in 30 minutes.  Team totals will be added up at the end of the day and if we meet our cumulative challenge goals CrossFit110 will be contributing an additional $500 toward our Crowdrise Fundraising Page.

Help us make a difference in the lives of so many effected by the devastating effects of these addictive drugs.  As always, we are extremely grateful for the amazing community that is CrossFit110 and proud of our members personal commitment to health and a desire to give back to our community.

Susanne & Jim




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