Health & Wellness Challenges

Year after year CrossFit110 has been proud to provide health and nutrition services in the form of 4-7 week challenges at our facility.  Helping hundreds of our clients get results they never dreamed were possible, with the average participant losing 8lbs during our challenges and many 15lbs or more.

Due to our overwhelming success with our members,  the founders of CrossFit110 decided to brand our health & wellness challenge model.  We are proud to be launching our new and improved Thrive7 Wellness Challenge!



How is our Thrive7 Wellness Challenge better than before?

We understand that the proper diet and exercise routine are not the only parameters to living a healthy life.   For an individual to achieve the best possible results mentally and physically for the long term, we must do more than give a great workout and tell them what to eat.  Each individual is unique and different, and must be able to develop the motivation and skills to continue their journey toward better health long after our challenge ends.

We know from years of experience and hundreds of successful participants that there is a process we need to follow to help prime the brain for the goals ahead and provide the tactical skills and strategies to execute it effectively.  Optimal results come when we SET GOALS, when we properly PREPARE, when we LEARN how to make our strategies and goals work within our own unique lives.  When we have SUPPORT to tackle the tough times and tips to navigate the unknown.  When we build AWARENESS and APPRECIATION of how what we eat, how we move and how we feel impact us.  When we feel SUPPORTED and CARED for.  When we feel INSPIRED and MOTIVATED.  When we see RESULTS!

Thrive Health & Wellness wants to make our 7week Wellness Challenge nothing short of a life changing experience.  We want you to look forward to every step of the challenge.  We want to knock your socks off… and we want YOU to knock the socks off everyone else that sees you!  We want our Thrive7 Challenge to be a  launching point to a lifetime of health and wellness!


Would you like to know more about our Thrive7 Health Challenge or how you can participate in our next challenge?

Thrive7 Challenge Information Request

Registration for the January 20th, 2017 Whole30 Challenge


  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Training performance
  • Improved overall health


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