Hangovers & Other Binges…

They both look kinda tasty....

I am spending the day at home today prepping for our official start to our Whole30 Challenge.  One of my favorite things to do is stay home on a cold day and listen to my book on tape …and cook!  I was excited to get started this morning with my recipes in hand.  However,  I have to admit I had a “moment” as I put my cream in my coffee and reached for something sweet on the counter…that I realized how much I like cream in my coffee and muffins in the morning.  Suddenly the thought of having to make Whole30 approved scrambled eggs at 5:30am wasn’t very appealing in comparison.


Then as I drank my coffee I went over the calendar with my husband for the weeks ahead… I realized we are going Skiing with a bunch of family this weekend.  Everyone was passing email’s back and forth, planning to meet up at the bar after a day on the slopes to watch the Patriots Game and kick back with some cold beer and nachos (my favorite).  To make matters worse, I realized we have a wedding for a friend the next weekend.  The kids were scheduled to stay with Grandma and Grandpa.  Celebrating with old friends, dancing to the band, full bar….


Suddenly my “moment” turned into a feeling of total DISPAIR!  Followed immediately by self talk and rationalizing …  “I won’t tell anyone… I will just have a few drinks on Saturday night…. It’s a special occasion…  I will be good all week…. Blah blah.”     we cave.


Then I remembered a few things that saved me. 


  1. Am I serious?  Am I actually having a melt down over the fact that I can’t drink alcohol or eat some nachos or wedding cake?  I don’t even like wedding cake!  All my friends will be there, the game will still be on, the band will be playing…  am I saying I can’t have FUN without the alcohol and sweet treats?  If the answer was yes, then I better stop worrying about my diet and instead park myself at an AA meeting!  I was actually shocked at how pathetic I sounded.  I immediately calmed down and started to think how great I will feel in my new dress for the wedding…. that fits great.  And my fresh skin and happy, energetic demeanor (thanks to Whole30) and decided that I had nothing to despair.


  1. Next, I realized how strategic it can be to MAKE A PUBLIC ADMISSION.  Once you tell the world you are committing to something, it is a surefire way to set yourself up for success…whether you like it or not!!  Telling everyone at the party you are not drinking or volunteering to be the designated driver for the wedding crowd is always helpful!


  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY…  I remembered how INCREADIBLY GOOD I FEELwhen I stay on track.  There may not be that immediate gratification (like that first taste of chocolate cake) during the event.  However I know from experience that the gratification and reward will come TEN FOLDthe next day when you wake up at 6am feeling AMAZING and also PROUD that you accomplished what you set out to do. And in the end… you realize that you still had fun!  You ate great food, had great intelligent and engaged conversations, you still danced.


You will wake up that morning to take your first shower and slide on your “lose fitting jeans” feeling hydrated and healthy …READY TO ATTACK THE DAY!  Then you will see your friends or you start getting the “day after” text messages.  You will sit back and smile inside when you hear all about those individuals who “over indulged” complaining about  their terrible headaches, how bloated and puffy they feel, how tired and cranky they are, and how they wasted the whole day laying in bed recovering.  That is  the moment when you will realize how glad you are that you are committed, and how good this feeling can be if you wait for it!!


By Susanne Duato

B.S. Human Nutrition

Owner & Coach of CrossFit110



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