Coach Will found CrossFit back in 2012 while watching ESPN broadcast the CrossFit Games on TV. He was drawn to the Sport and soon found a local affiliate and after his first class, he never looked back.

Will Schuerman was able to train and compete with CrossFit Wachusett and was fortunate enough to be a part of CrossFit Wachusett’s Competitive Team who was able to qualify for the CrossFit Regional Games for the 3 years Will coached and trained there.

While at Wachusett, Will continued to develop as an athlete and build a deep rooted respect and passion for CrossFit.  He loves watching others better themselves everyday.  Although highly competitive himself, Will truly enjoys watching and helping others achieve their unique fitness goals.

Will and his fiancé moved to Chelmsford, MA at the end of 2015 and found CrossFit 110.  Will says that becoming a part of CrossFit110 has been “One of the best decision I’ve made, because the members, and fellow coaches are amazing and I always felt they welcomed into the family as a member and coach instantly.”