General CrossFit programming or General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is developed with a hierarchy of principles known as “The Theoretical Development of an Athlete”. These principles focus on five building blocks, in order of importance to achieve the best results for health & fitness over a lifetime.

crossfit programming pyramid

The base of this hierarchy of principals is built with good Nutrition. There isn’t a fitness program that can be optimally successful without the benefits of fueling the body with sound NUTRITION. Here at CrossFit110 our two dedicated Nutritionists and Wholistic Health Coaches  (Susanne Duato & Dana Fouche) work hard to provide sound Nutrition advice to our members through educational seminars, one on one counseling, as well as our very popular quarterly Nutrition Challenges.

Primary focus on performance in the gym and the nutrition outside the gym have brought astounding results to hundreds of athletes that have come through our doors.  Make sure to scroll down to our testimonials on our home page!  

To learn more about our Nutrition programs and how are members are able to obtain astounding results in such a short period of time visit our Nutrition Philosophy Page or stay up to date with nutrition tips and challenge announcements on our blog.

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Training performance
  • Improved overall health


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