Obesity: The New Cigarette?

Many of us – perhaps even most of us, given the Crossfit audience – don’t smoke. We may have been wise enough to never have started, or we may have become wise enough to stop. In any case, there is a lot of data that confirms the rightness of our decision. We are all aware that smoking is linked to cancer and a host of other terrible diseases that undermine our health and well being. Even smokers are forced to acknowledge the evidence.

What boggles my mind is that there is another disease out there that has an equivalent impact on our health, and like smoking, reaches across all demographics and age groups, it is obesity. The Center for Disease Control projects that by 2030, 42% of Americans will be obese, defined as a body weight of 20% (or more) above one’s ideal body weight. There are now 26 million diabetics in the United States, and another 79 million with blood glucose levels high enough to be considered pre-diabetic. The incidence of childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years.

Nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program and the key component to losing weight, getting well, and staying healthy. Diet can be a powerful tool to deal with or ward off health issues such as Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. CrossFit110 truly understands the health risks that many of us in America face who battle with obesity. Our mission at CrossFit110 is to maintain a community that understands and embraces the importance of healthy eating paired with an appropriate exercise program. We know that proper coaching and education along with a supportive community of members is the catalyst for many who struggle with their weight. We have seen so many individuals here at CrossFit110 benefit from the environment and training we provide. Many of our members have said they have friends or family members they would love to encourage to come here and experience the benefits of CrossFit for themselves.

Therefore we are announcing that the first Wednesday of every month (beginning November 7th) will be a “BRING A FRIEND” day. Bring a friend or family member to CrossFit (for free) and show them how this community, coaching and support can help them live a happy, healthy and long life! For many, all it takes is the support of one friend or family member to help them make that first step. We look forward to bringing them the rest of the way.


Susanne Duato


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